Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Paris Hilton Spotted Inside A Police Car

Yes, Paris Hilton was snapped inside a police car this week but no, the trouble-prone socialite was not getting busted for another crime. Paris was filming a public service announcement for the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department as part of the terms of her punishment for her cocaine possession conviction last Fall. You may recall that [...]

Late yesterday afternoon, Darion and I made our way to Palihouse in West Hollywood, CA for a little going away party for our dear friend Jordan. JoJo is moving to Mimi for 3 months to start up a new charitable organization so last night was our last chance to hang out with him before he flies off to Florida.

Jordan’s mom came down for the little soiree so I got to spend some time with her. I hadn’t seen her in far too long so it was great getting to catch up with her. I’m gonna miss Jordan a LOT but he does spend a lot of time traveling so I’m just gonna pretend he’s on an extended trip … until he returns to LA for the Summer ;D

After saying goodbye to Jordan, I met up with Josh and his BFF Essly for dinner at Real Food Daily. Altho I’m not vegan or even remotely vegetarian, I do enjoy the food from time to time and last night was no exception. The food was delish but the company was even better. We had a great time just talking the night away.

Unfortch, I woke up today with a crappy sore throat so I think I’m gonna just lie low today and recuperate. The weather is far too nice to be sick so I’m gonna try and fend off this scratchy throat. I hope your Sunday is going well … I understand there are some football games going on today? Yeah, I’m so not interested … I think I’ll just spin some vinyl and relax ;D

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